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Alan's Adventures.

Won't you draw me an Alan?

Alan's many adventures
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This community is all about drawing Alans. You should join this community if you know Alan, like to draw Alans, or just like to see Alans being drawn.

Anyone can join this community and start submitting their Alans.

So join today and start drawing your Alans!

Some things you might want to know about Alan so that you can fully capture the esense of his being.
Info on Alan.

age: 17
height: 5'9
weight: 145 pounds
favorite band: The Baha Men
favorite pastime: my sister
favorite movie: The Babysitter's Club
favorite book: The Babysitter's Club series
other things he enjoys: playing with fun noodles, sleeping on my sister's bed, partying like it's 1999, The Baha Men (what can I say he reeeeaaallly likes them!), shopping, trying on shoes

There are only a few rules to keep this community enjoyable for all.

1. Every Alan drawn must have two different sized eyes. If he does not have two different sized eyes than he is not really an Alan anyways.
2. No naked Alans. Alan does not have to have clothes on in your drawing, HOWEVER I don't want to see any body parts drawn that would have been covered if Alan was wearing clothes!
3. Please keep all of your drawings under an lj-cut. I would like everyone to add this community to their friends list and noone wants a gigantamous picture (for those who are "re-sizing challenged") of Alan when reading their friends page. If you are lj-cut challenged PLEASE contact me before proceeding to show us your picture of Alan.
4. All pictures of Alan must have a caption of what kind of an Alan it is. In example: "Alan eating a sandwhich" or "Alan doing the robot." This caption must be on the actual drawing.
5. Alan does not have to be drawn on paint. You can make your Alan on whatever program you have, however please do not take a picture of someone and say it's Alan, because there is only one.

Everyone is aloud to join but if you piss me off with Alans that have bodyparts exposed that would normally be covered with clothes I will ban you so fast your head will fall off. Come on noone wants to see Alan's private parts!

The Monthly Competition

There will be a competition every month. Everyone is able to enter in this competition. Once this community picks up I will designate the phrase of the month in which you will have to draw me an Alan to match the phrase. Then everyone in the community will vote on which picture they thought best represented the phrase of the month.

1. Anyone can enter. ...as stated before
2. The submission must have the phrase chosen for the month on it.
3. If you have submitted an Alan for the monthly competition you cannot vote on which Alan should win.
4. Only the first 5 submissions will be taken. There may be an exception if I do not put up an entry ending the contest fast enough.

Please spread the love and be sure to tell all of your friends to join!
Because let's face it without Alans the world is a cold and lonely place!!

If you have any questions or concerns im me at aim:camebytokillyou or email/msn messenger: dorkfacenerdgurl@hotmail.com.
The maintainer's lj: comeonwithefear
Also if you are an extremely xcorexmotherfuckerx then join the other community I maintain. applexxcore